About Us

Welcome to Pumiqu! My name is Joy Qu, a high school student with a mission to make a difference in youth development through original art products. By implementing networks of support, positive guidance, and opportunities to build character and skill, I believe that the young will be able to succeed and be better prepared for the transition to adulthood.

Growing up, I've realized the importance of having supportive adult figures in your life and the negative implications it could have without them. With early childhood experiences playing a large role in development, encouraging adults play a multifaceted role in shaping a child's emotional, social, cognitive, and physical well-being. Knowing this, I wanted to use my creativity and love for art to make an impact in the lives of adolescents who lack support from the adults around them and the community.

Through the collections of Mr. Peach, the everyday realities of typical people whether it is enjoyable or tedious is something we can all relate to from some degree. Mr. Peach's cute, child-like design is meant to depict the youth, who with the help of impactful youth development organizations and supportive adults can live the life of typical people in society. 

Since Pumiqu is a student-made online store, the majority of the profits made have been at local craft fairs in Orange County such as the GIFT Market, Studio Arts Festival, Youth Entrepreneur Fair, Modern Makers Mart, Spooky Shop Small Market, and the Holiday Faire through the art organization Association of Designers and Artists which I am a board member of. The art prints sold by Pumiqu have been promoted and featured on numerous art and student-led magazines such as the Rewrite the Stars Review as well as sold personally at events like the Orange Plaza Art Walk. I also had the privilege to promote my artwork at the company 9Fortunes.


If you share the same goal of supporting positive youth development, all the profit made from Pumiqu sales will go to local youth and child education organizations where children can have a brighter future. 

With love and creativity,

Joy Qu

Orange Plaza Art Walk

Artist Joy Qu was accepted by the Orange Arts Council to sell her artworks at the 2023 Orange Plaza Spring Art Walk. She was hosted by Chapman Crafted Beer.

Orange Arts Council

Studio Arts Festival

Art prints made by Joy Qu were featured and sold at the Studio Arts Festival hosted by the Irvine Fine Arts Center. The image shows a picture of Joy Qu promoting ADA's booth and social media handles to the public.

ADA Events

Spooky Shop Small Market

Products of Pumiqu were featured and sold at the Spooky Shop Small Market at Hangar24 in Irvine. Tote bags and art prints made by Joy Qu were some of the many items displayed.

9Fortunes Presentation

Pumiqu's owner, Joy Qu, was invited by the founder of the Association of Designers and Artists, Jennifer Huang, to present her watercolor piece called the Underwater City to the company 9Fortunes.

Holiday Faire

Pumiqu tote bags, Underwater City prints, and Masked prints were all featured and sold at the Holiday Faire event hosted by the City of Irvine at Great Park. With ADA (Association of Designers and Artists), a free DIY holiday ornaments activity booth was hosted next to the products booth for the kids and adults of the community to enjoy. Vice mayor Tammy Kim of Irvine came by and featured us on her instagram.

City of Irvine Holiday Faire Video